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Shaelyn Rose
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I used to have a lot more to say about myself but now I think the big old description I had was probably trying too hard. I am constantly reaching new levels of pretentiousness, and this new level means being a person of few words.
(Though I'm not actually very good at that.)
Name's Shay, I'm 17, cis-female, bisexual, and emo trash. I've met Gerard Way and Frank Iero and I'm still not over it. I make everything a print on the off chance someone will want it. Follow for fairies surrounded by MCR lyrics.
i've just been thinking about some things gerard said the other night when i was at his show in philadelphia (which btw was the fucking best night of my life holy shit hollyyyy shitttt). i'm in a much better emotional place than i have been in years. i was stuck in a spiral, and even when i decided to get healthy i spent a long time hanging by a thread, for a time only putting off suicide till every next day but not being able to promise myself i'd make it to next week. in the last year, a lot of shit has happened. i almost died, i was hospitalized again, i failed so many classes last year and lost an entire group of friends before making new ones. i didn't try to fix things with my parents and it only got worse until i ended up moving out, and i'm only recently starting to mend my relationship with my mom. it's going a lot better now, i'm doing really well in school and i talk to my mom a couple times a week, and i think it's gonna be a lot better from now on.

but anyway, gerard, he was talking about being stuck in bad situations and how you gotta do what you gotta do for yourself, and get the fuck out of that situation. and later he talked about how he's proud of our generation and excited for us to be in control of the world, he's not worried about it at all and idk, everything he said is gonna fucking stay with me. cause i hear waaay too many people always grumbling about how the world's going to shit or whatever and i am really, really tired of hearing "bring back [insert decade of choice] when people LIVED and art had MEANING and everything wasn't FAKE" or whatever.

because like, why romanticize the past when you could romanticize yourself and your ability to make the future fucking awesome?? like think about non-binary presidents and bio-engineered merpeople, think about skype calls with aliens. think about human-to-dog translation devices and discovering the secrets of the fucking bermuda triangle. think how unbelievably awesome the potential future is, and it's always there, it's always attainable until you decide it isn't. every past era you're glorifying was really about moving forward in some way, so if you really want to romanticize 20s glamor or 90s grunge or 2005 emo or whatever, go be a progressivist. that was the real point of all those "epic" movements people daydream about being stuck in. there is always more change to come.

[[this is a bit off-topic but, if you find that you are a privileged human with greater fortune than others, please shut the fuck up about how much it sucks that life is easy for you. as an alternative, consider using your privilege to do something useful like spreading awareness, educating the ignorant, educating yourself and apologizing when you say something problematic because you were raised to think a certain way but you're capable of growing beyond that, and understanding that you are not always the person who is in the best position to talk firsthand about an issue. if you are white, you have this incredible influence to encourage other white people to not be racist. if you are male, other males are more likely to listen to you than females when you're explaining why gender equality is important. if you are heterosexual, establish yourself as a supporter of the queer crowd without making it all about you (ex: reblogging a rainbow flag but adding "im straight tho no homo", it's unnecessary and frankly no one cares). if you're cisgender, make a point out of including pronouns in introductions to normalize the idea that not everyone is the gender they may be assumed to be. please embrace your privileges and make use of them. you aren't cool for angrily whining about something good being given to you. own it, control it, fucking just use it for good.]]

but, going back to romanticizing the future, please think about female politicians and genderqueer celebrities and scientifically-constructed mythological creatures brought to life and the ability to chat with your best friend from venus.

please always have hope.
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  • Listening to: hesitant alien

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