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Name's Shay, 18, she/they pronouns, pansexual, and emo trash.
I dont really spend a lot of time on DeviantArt anymore, I post my stuff but I don't often get back to the people that leave wonderful comments, I don't post as many journals as I used to, but it's March 22nd, so I'm here.

I'm not really upset that MCR is gone. I wish I could still see them live, I'll always wish I'd gone to see them all play together when I could, but I very strongly feel that breaking up was the best thing they could've done for themselves at that point. When Gerard talked about the concept behind MCR5, the Paper Kingdom, I'm glad it didn't become an album. I mean I'd love it as a comic book or something, I still wanna hear the story, but as a My Chemical Romance album I don't think it was right. I think they didn't know where to go after Danger Days, I don't know if there was anywhere to go after Danger Days. I know a lot of people make fun of some of Gerard's statements in A Vigil On Birds And Glass, or feel that it's so ridiculous it's insulting and upsetting - "it is not a band, it is an idea", and I spent a long time thinking no fuck you, you were a band. But they weren't really the kind of band that could just pump out more albums of whatever they felt like doing, it couldn't be meaningless and fun, it wouldn't be My Chemical Romance if it wasn't the same idea. And honestly, I'd much prefer 12 years of an uncompromised legacy, than decades of something that was once great and became complacent and easy. There were a lot of rumors last weekend about a reunion, and I can't explain how honestly scared I was of it being true, because as much as I miss them, if they came back and it wasn't the same, that would be so much worse. And they are not the same. They're all in their thirties, they have families, they have so much more in their lives now, they're not the same New Jersey kids they were when MCR began. People either grow up, or they die, and as a young fan it's really easy to forget what their age means but it's okay. It's okay that they've grown.

My Chemical Romance is better off gone because we will now always remember it for what it truly meant to us. There are too many fucking bands where almost no original members remain and no new music is made but they just keep touring for 50 years, playing that one good album they could never live up to again. It sucks. I think that would be so much more upsetting than what we have now with MCR.

Because the guys are better off too. We still have their music, and it's fucking great music, how cool is that?? We have FrnkIero andthe Cellabration - I've met Frank twice in the last year and that's an opportunity I never had with MCR. I saw Gerard's show at the Trocadero Theater in October and it was the best day of my life, I never thought I'd get that but I did. So many fans have gotten to meet Frank and Gerard in 2014/15 that never could with MCR, and that's so lovely and important. Ray Toro's doing a solo project and I couldn't be more excited, I love how he's using his music as a platform to speak against injustice - that song he dedicated to Leelah Alcorn - and just holy shit Ray's super cool I can't wait to hear more. Mikey's in a band he dreamed up in fucking grade school, Electric Century is a reality and him and Dave Debiak are so so amazing together, their first EP drops April 18th (the day after my birthday yooo) and I'm unbelievably pumped about it.

They seem happier.

Gerard's writing comics, he's making more music, he's performing because he's always loved it, he's gotten so much more time to be with his family and I couldn't be happier for him, honestly. In just the last two years, I think his relationship with Bandit has become so much of a stronger, amazing thing - I think he was really unhappy with not seeing her much during MCR tours, there was a time he said he thinks she thought of him as just a roommate, I can't imagine how that must feel as a father but I'm so glad they have time together now. Honestly because fuck MCR and the idea and how much I wanted more and to see them live, none of that even matters if Bandit never got to see her dad. I'm so sick of people that solely blame Gerard for MCR being gone and hate him for doing what was best for himself and his family, for choosing to do what he needed so he could be around for his daughter, because I think the lifestyle he had with MCR was going to kill him. So fuck anyone who thinks having another album from their favourite band is more important than the members of that band trying to put their life together so they can be happy and healthy. Fuck. That.

They all get to really be with their families so much more now and I think they're happier, and that's all I wanted. I couldn't stand to go see MCR if I got there and they were all unhappy about being there.

I know I always know more and talk more about Gerard than the others, he is my biggest inspiration, and also the most vocal on social media. But I care so so much about all of them and I'm super proud of them. Mikey was going through a really rough time in the last couple years and I'm so glad he's been getting what he needs - he recently hit 1 year of sobriety, he played with Gerard in Japan, he's in a relationship that he's clearly really happy about (and idk much about Kristin but she seems like a sweetheart and I'm so glad). Frank's band is so so fucking great and he's such an angel, his shows are amazing and he doesn't take shit from any fans that want to talk about MCR or Frerard or act violent in the crowd, he just kicked a girl out of his show the other day because she was hurting people trying to get to barrier and I'm so proud that he speaks up against that shit.

They all talk to each other, sometimes on Twitter, idek like Ray and Gerard get really into their barbecue tips and I love it. Mikey just went to one of Frank's shows, and how cool is it that they still get to be friends? How many bands don't ever speak to each other after they break up??

Bob is a whole other story and I'm not going to spend today talking about him being a dick.

March 22nd is painful because it makes me remember exactly how I felt, what I thought, what I did 2 years ago when they broke up. Because I dealt with it so badly at the time, with the way it was announced and how abrupt it was and the fact that, at the time, I was depressed and suicidal and felt like MCR was the only thing I had. I never lost MCR. If anything, I'm way more fucking emo than I was two years ago. It's chill. Being healthy is hard sometimes, but I'm still happier and healthier than I've probably ever been, and I can still thank My Chemical Romance for that.

I know it's so hard for a lot of people. But no one has to feel like they don't have MCR anymore just because they're not still making music together. That doesn't erase the 5 albums (idk I'm always gonna include Conventional Weapons) we do have, and the fact that we still have them even if it's in new projects. We have all of them still reaching out and talking to fans, sharing pieces of their lives on Twitter and meeting fans at merch tables and putting on fucking great performances. We get to see them do what they love and also be happy with their lives, and nothing inspires me and gives me hope like seeing the fact that they fucking made it.

I just wrote a whole lot more than I meant to, sorry for dropping this big thing, I just, I can talk about MCR a lot. They're never going to stop being important to me. And what I'm trying to explain is why I'm not sad about it anymore.
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Happy Birthday! I didn't even know it XD I just discovered you~ 

Wanted to say I love your work, and if you want to PM, I'm always open for a chat. I talk about anything, totally open lol 

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Happy birthday, love. ^_^
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Hi, my dear! ^_^ Just wanted to ask how you are doing and whether life's treating you well ^^
Also, I'm sorry for not having been around a lot lately (school's coming to an end soon, but there are still several exams we have to pass first), but I just quickly checked my notifications to see that you've uploaded a bunch of amazing drawings and paintings again! :happybounce: Can't wait to check them out soon! :la:
Have a nice day! ^-^ :huggle:
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Shay! I got a second one of these for ya, since I see mine right there xD

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